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  • CNBC-TV18 - India’s No. 1 Business News channel’s now 1-year old sibling was keen to create awareness of its launch while putting forth its key features. Stay tuned to see how Wife put forth a unique value proposition of having the very No. 1 Business News Channel on-the-go anytime, anywhere, everywhere.
    Ad Film

    Wife effectively comm-
    unicates a value proposition for

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  • The bloggers of today and the path pavers of tomorrow, experienced an evening that recognized and highlighted the industry’s best fashion, beauty and lifestyle digital content creators with the Palladium Spotlight Awards – India’s First Fashion Blogger Awards.

    The Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger Awards

    Learn how Wife helped bring India’s first ever Fashion Blogger Awards to life.

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  • In this day and age, audio visual content does wonders. In order to build better brand equity, SBI Mutual funds strived to embrace the idea of creating video content for their new investment plan. The team at Wife delivered just the same by providing end to end production that was required to be completed within a short time frame.

    SBI Mutual Fund
    Father's Day Film

    Creating the perfect Father’s Day ad film is easy with Wife by your side.

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  • Catching the attention of the everyday web surfer isn’t as easy as it sounds unless you have Wife by your side. Learn how Wife helped Yahoo! Cricket reach diverse target groups through dynamic web banners.

    Yahoo! Cricket
    IPL Web Banners

    In a world wide web flooded with banners, read how Wife made some of the best.

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  • Ever delivered a presentation to a crowded room and found at least half the audience distracted minutes into the first few slides? Learn how Wife can help unlock the infinite possibilities of PowerPoint.

    P&G Corporate
    Brand Decks

    Explore how Wife constantly redefines and pushes the boundaries of PowerPoint.

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  • Standing out at an exhibition or expo amidst hundreds of other brands is difficult even for a big brand like Yahoo! Cricket when there’s so much clutter. See how Wife helped the brand cut through the noise and make a lasting impression.

    Yahoo! Cricket @ Ad:tech

    In a sea of stalls, find out how Wife worked its magic to make Yahoo! Cricket stand out.

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  • Brand communication is a challenge even for large organisations, whether externally or even internally. The key focus however, lies in keeping all communication consistent to avoid diluting the brand. Explore how Wife helped KEC better their brand communication.

    Brand Communication Design for KEC

    Read how Wife rebuilt this EPC giant’s brand communication from the ground up.

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  • With so much clutter at an exhibition or expo amidst hundreds of other brands, standing out is difficult, no matter which brand you may be. See how Wife designed a one-of-a-kind stall for KEC to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression.

    A City Powered at Elecrama for KEC RPG

    In this one, Wife stretched the limits of design by creating a city inside an exhibition.

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  • Creating a new and unique sanitary ware brand in a market already lorded over hundreds of competitive names is no easy task. The journey ahead was one that involved building the brand from the ground up.

    And so we began.

    Bringing a Praktische Brand to Life

    Discover how Wife rebranded this sanitary ware brand into a sleek Praktische brand.

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  • With a lawn and allocated afternoon nap times, with an iconic red door and a team like family, the Wife’s office is a second home for many, and sometimes even first.

    The Wife's

    Your surroundings inspire ideas, learn how Wife created the perfect idea factory.

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  • Recreating the exact set across 12 cities for 19 sessions with no room for error was what Nivesh India Season 3 was all about. Explore how Wife effectively managed the production and show running for the whole season.

    12 Cities 19 Sessions
    Nivesh India S3

    Read on to find out how Wife perfected the art of set design and production across 12 cities.

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  • Go into exile, chase away demons in forests, abduct maidens, leap across the vast ocean, move a mountain, lay waste to an entire army of raakshas and even slay a powerful king. All thisis possible only because of the most important element of any epic - the Wife.

    Festive Playing Cards

    Ramayan Playing

    Explore how Wife redefined the art of gifting this Diwali with all but a deck of cards.

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  • The Times Network and the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) kicked off the highly talked about investor education campaign – Jan Nivesh in Mumbai on June 27, 2018. The initiative was to travel across multiple cities in India over the course of six months, which was aimed at creating awareness about the benefits of investing in mutual funds.

    Jan Nivesh India
    The Big Launch

    Set design, production and show running. Learn how Wife expertly handles these.

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  • Captivating the attention of an audience at Pune Fashion Week using anything other than fashion is a tall order by itself. Learn how Wife helped US Freedom Capital do just that with an AV that highlighted their key offering to the right audience.

    US Freedom Capital Digital Film

    Mesmerising a crowd with an ad film of all things at Fashion Week, that’s Wife for you.

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  • It is difficult to gain credibility when you’re a fairly new Institute in the respective domain. Explore how Wife helped the International School for Reproductive Medicine & Embryology (ISRME) create a new brand identity for themselves that set them apart from the others.

    ISRME Brand Identity & Communication Design

    Discover how ISRME was reborn through a new brand identity with the aid of Wife.

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  • CricketNext is a revolutionary app brought forth by the Network18 Digital group that keeps one updated with the latest cricket buzz. Wife took on the task to create awareness, build equity and generate interest in the app at IAMAI 2018.

    CricketNext at IAMAI

    Learn how Wife reimagined a stall space is used to create intrigue and excitement.

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  • With millions of news channels and thousands of digital news platforms out there, how does a new information platform even begin to effectively carve out a space for itself, especially amongst the ever-cluttered sea of misinformation all around. Well, with Wife at their side, of course!

    Making DataBaaz Standout Amongst Others

    Learn how Wife elevated Databaaz’s social media presence from what it was to what it is today.

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  • With a unique take on educating and informing young India through data-driven videos, DataBaaz got one half of the equation right. Now the brand needed to ensure that their videos were recognizable, visually appealing and as engaging as possible in order to establish a unique visual identity for their videos.

    Databaaz Video Stylesheet

    Discover how Wife developed an enhanced and easily recognizable Visual Identity for DataBaaz's daily data fix videos.

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