A City Powered at Elecrama 2018

With so much clutter at an exhibition or expo amidst hundreds of other brands, standing out is difficult, no matter which brand you may be. See how Wife designed a one-of-a-kind stall for KEC to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression.


Elecrama 2018 was an important milestone for KEC who wished to create a lasting impact at this year’s edition of the event by setting itself apart from the competition. The brand wanted to showcase themselves as someone who is actively bringing technology disruption through their projects across the globe. They also wanted to highlight their key business verticals to potential clients and other important visitors at Elecrama. The prime objective was to build a strong positioning for the brand through its stall and portray the sense of innovation and disruption not only through the look and feel of the set but also what the brand truly signifies. To make this possible, Wife took up the task of designing this behemoth of a stall for the brand at Elecrama.

Once Upon A Time

After carefully studying every facet of the brand, Wife decided to showcase the strengths of the brand by creating something that the brand itself is capable of. A city that is powered by, energized by, built by, run by and connected by KEC. The whole ideation process was to strike a balance between impact and effectiveness.

The Odyssey


As Elecrama is a platform for the brand to showcase its innovation and strengths, detailed research about the brand was important. Even the understanding of the stall space and competitors of the brand was another key factor.


In order to change the perception of KEC for everyone who visited the stall by creating an experience that brings everyone to KEC, the stall space was to be converted into a city built by KEC. This would showcase the strengths of the brand in a very technologically advanced manner.


No 2-D image visuals could justify what the KEC city actually was hence 3-D visuals of the entire idea were created.

The theme chosen was to create and give visitors an experience of the KEC City by converting the stall space into a cityscape itself.

Set Layout

The layout was made keeping in mind the guidelines and the requirements of including an enclosed meeting / discussion room. The entire layout was extremely technologically advanced and portrayed each of the brand’s verticals in the most efficient way.

Power Transmission Cables

It was the brand’s power transmission, distribution and cables that were carefully depicted. This element also completes and complements the look of the KEC City using makeshift transmission towers and power lines.

Solar is the new ‘Cloud’

To showcase how solar and renewable resources are the next steps of energy and power, solar panels were depicted in the form of clouds in the city design to seamlessly blend in.

Solar Street Lights

For showcasing the brand’s solar vertical even further, street lights were designed with innovative shape and size which were to be powered by solar energy, courtesy of KEC solar panel technology.

Facility Desk

The facility desk was carefully designed and placed in a manner where it didn’t create any obstruction to the city design. This also featured placement for the brand’s logo which was designed to be an in-lit to attract more eyeballs.


The meeting room and the control room for the stand were situated in a railway structure that also portrayed the brand’s vertical of laying tracks for railways and included a futuristic train car, tracks and even a tunnel.

Augmented Reality

AR was also incorporated into the stall design to provide an enhanced interactive experience like no other to every visitor that came through the city.

Branding Panels

Two-sided branding panels were designed to be used for representative purposes; only that would showcase KEC’s verticals and their ability as a turnkey EPC company. These also featured other important communication for the brand in the form of road signs that would draw people’s attention as they walk through the street.

Glass Projection

A motion sensor glass projection walkway on the exterior of the stall was another feature of the KEC city that would showcase the journey of KEC and its impact in India and the world.

Road Signage

The Road Signage created for the city included LED screens that would alternate between logos and signs that advised visitor on how to make their way through the stall.

Traffic Signals

The city’s traffic signals were strategically located at the beginning of every road. These one-of-a-kind signals don’t direct car traffic but were instead meant to control the flow of visitors.

Disruptive Furniture

Leaving no stone unturned, a special focus was laid on all elements including the furniture which represented KEC’s vibrant colours making it look innovative and fresh.


One of the key objectives that the team had to overcome in terms of design was to create a stall that justified KEC as a brand. The design needed to encapsulate and represent each of the varied business divisions run by KEC in equal measure while integrating all of them together in some way. This was ultimately overcome by the idea of creating a city that seamlessly incorporated each of the businesses effectively.

While designing the layout for the stall, the stall space had a pillar right in the centre. In spite of this, the team took it upon themselves to use this to the stalls advantage by making the pillar a structural anchor point that would support the rest of the stall while seamlessly blending into the city.

Happily Ever After

The unique identity of KEC was brought out with the one-of-a-kind stall design that looked to build a city within the exhibition space. The stall was exclusively designed for KEC making it a technologically well-crafted design that would stand out among the crowd of exhibitors leaving behind a lasting impression in the minds of each visitor. Wife helped them represent all their lines of business in equal light. All the elements in the design were carefully curated to make one fascinating design in the end.
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