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Brand communication is a challenge even for large organisations, whether externally or even internally. The key focus however, lies in keeping all communication consistent to avoid diluting the brand. Explore how Wife helped KEC better their brand communication.


Brand communication, whether internal or external, is essential for any brand to project what it stands for to every stakeholder. In this instance, KEC wanted to achieve the same through some way internally for people who were new to the organisation along with existing resources as well as externally through a fresh take on their brochures and other collaterals. In terms of printed material, the brand specifically needed a crisp corporate hand out as well as a new brochure for their Civil business.

Once Upon A Time

After researching and understanding all the intricacies of the brand, Wife realised that KEC possessed unquestionable strengths in their 5 key verticals of power, cables, railway, solar and civil construction. Keeping these key verticals in mind, we created a unique design language for the brand that would then be used across all its communication. To create an effective yet subtle piece of internal brand communication, we designed a coffee mug adorned with the new design language. For the corporate hand out, a layout was to be created in line with the new design language for the brand, while the Civil brochure had to possess an identity of its own while still staying true to KEC.

The Odyssey

The first task at hand was to carefully research and understand KEC, all its verticals as well as what the brand stood for. This resulted in the idea that KEC as a whole was essentially the culmination of 5 major verticals that are tied together by the overall business. This input was then used to create a minimalist line design that represented each vertical effectively while stitching each of them together seamlessly.

This design language would be used across the various collaterals for the brand especially the coffee mug meant for internal circulation among new employees as well as old ones.

The next item on the list was the corporate hand out that needed to be as crisp as possible while still managing to capture the full extent of KEC as a brand as well as each of its verticals. This involved content creation for the brand as well as each of its verticals. For this, we came up with the idea of creating a KEC folder of sorts that would cover all key details about the brand in general as well as their parent company, RPG. Thereafter, single page hand outs were then created for each vertical like power, cables, railway, solar and civil. Again, the new design language we created was integrated into the layout of each page that created better visual appeal to the intended reader.

The civil brochure, unlike the corporate hand out, needed to have its own unique identity to reflect what the civil business encapsulated. For this, we decided that the brochure required an overarching theme. This theme finally came out in the form of civil being a 'Window to Tomorrow', as the division is capable of creating state-of-the-art infrastructure that is future ready. With the theme in place, content had to be created to communicate the capabilities of the business vertical as well as the magnitude of each project. We had to then create a visually appealing layout and design that allowed easy integration of project photographs in the brochure. The integration of such photographs was essential as the Civil division wanted to showcase it's expertise in completing a vast array of projects well before time.


KEC is a large organisation made up of key verticals that drive the company’s business ahead. Every piece of brand communication we had to design had to at least subliminally express the magnitude of the brand and what it was capable of. Achieving this was not an easy task as it first required immense research and insight that needed to be translated into a design language that identified with the brand and its verticals. Once we refined that design, the next steps involved integrating the same into the various pieces of branding communication like merchandise and brochures.

Happily Ever After

With the creation of the new design language, the coffee mug was then created and produced. These mugs then became a key internal brand communication among employees that were new to the company which introduced them to the brand and every key vertical as well as served as a constant reminder of the same.

The corporate hand out was effectively used at Elecrama 2018 as distribution material for delegates at the event which was easy to carry, visually appealing as well as crisp enough for anyone to learn what KEC was all about in just a matter of minutes.

The Civil brochure finally culminated into the all-encompassing piece of communication that reflected the brand’s quality, capability and scale with its unique theme, cover design, content and visual appeal.


The KEC coffee mugs are still given out to every new employee to welcome them into the family as well as constantly remind them of the magnitude of the brand. Both, the corporate hand out as well as the Civil brochure are used extensively to communicate the brand’s strengths and is especially used for sales pitches and securing projects.

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