Brand Identity & Communication Design for ISRME

It is difficult to gain credibility when you’re a fairly new Institute in the respective domain. Explore how Wife helped the International School for Reproductive Medicine & Embryology (ISRME) create a new brand identity for themselves that set them apart from the others.


The International School for Reproductive Medicine & Embryology realised that they needed to build a strong brand equity and brand image. The objective was to showcase themselves as a profound training institute that imparted quality training while at the same time emphasising on the human and personal aspect of producing life.

Once Upon A Time

To begin with, it was vital for the team to understand what ISRME was involved in to be able to create a unique brand identity for it. In order to build a well-defined brand identity that would clearly distinguish the institute from any other, we decided to reconstruct its image by means of a new logo, brochure and website as well as print advertising.

The Odyssey

The ISRME tree is core to the breathing, growing and nourishing of International School of Reproductive Medicine & Embryology. An initiative to impart an array of skill sets of setting up and running and IVF centre as well as an ART bank to any candidate by ways of intensive hands on training modules is showcased through the multiple branches and branch outs.

We first began by researching every aspect of what the institute specialised in and the kind of training it had on offer. Once we fully understood the scope of the institute, we set out to visualise what the brand stood for in the form of a logo.

Through further research on the field of fertility and what could symbolise the institute, we came across the Celtic symbol for fertility. Inspired by this, we combined the concept of a tree which often symbolises knowledge with this very Celtic symbol to visually represent the “I” in ISRME. It was also decided to use a serif font for the logo to represent the ideals of an institute. Furthermore, the colours used in the log were also selected based on blue being the colour that represents education and red that represents life. When both of these shades are combined, they result in purple, the ultimate colour for the logo.

The ISRME tree was also designed which represented the institute as well as its reach through the various branches that spread out. The branches represent the various facets of ISRME as a brand which include setting up and running IVF centre as well as the provision of an ART bank to any candidate by ways of intensive hands on training modules.

When it came to communicating what the brand had to offer in terms of a brochure, we came up with the idea of creating a simple two fold brochure. This was done to separate all the information into the four sides to ensure that the brochure didn’t look cluttered with too much information. These four segments were divided into an introduction to the faculty, testimonials in order to showcase success stories to readers, courses offered as well as all the key information about the institute including contact details and other important data. The brochure design also incorporated the overall theme of the brand to create visual appeal.

Print advertising for institutes like ISRME appear in trade magazines that often rely on textual information rather than visuals. In order to stand out amongst the clutter, print advertisements for ISRME were specially created to be minimalistic in nature with as less text as possible that included only crucial information. The overall visual appeal of the advertisement which used attractive images specially crafted to captivate the attention of readers effectively.

One of the key things that would also help communicate ISRME’s new brand identity was the creation of a new website. The purpose of this website was to bridge the gap between those seeking training in the field of reproductive medicine and the institute that offered the highest quality of training. We designed ISRME’s website to reflect its new brand image and to be extremely user friendly as well as responsive to multiple devices for ease of accessibility. Another important aspect of the website that we chose to highlight was the extensive use of testimonials and success stories of those who received training from the institute. All of these were further backed by strategic usage of an appropriate call to action to encourage interaction with the institute through the website.


Creating a distinct brand identity for ISRME was an extensive exercise that involved several critical activities that were core to build the brand’s new image. This involved extensive content creation for the website as well as other collaterals like brochures. The entire exercise involved creating brand equity for a formal institute which meant that communication had to be crafted strategically so that it showcased itself in a manner that stands out yet speaks enough.

Happily Ever After

It is always an ongoing process for a brand to achieve its desired brand equity especially while it continuously moves forward, growing with time. Similarly, ISRME was reborn with a new brand identity that resulted in effective and sustained awareness to attain gradual credibility in this domain and still continues to grow as a beacon of knowledge.

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