Bringing a praktische brand to life

Creating a new and unique sanitary ware brand in a market already lorded over hundreds of competitive names is no easy task. The journey ahead was one that involved building the brand from the ground up, starting of course with conceptualising a name befitting that of a game changing brand. All that we had to go on was the product and the product alone.

And so we began.


A Thought in September 2016
A Brand in June 2017

1000+ Sanitaryware Brands, some organised, some not. So why are we the 1001st brand? With the people behind Klo having 25+ years of Building Material Industry Experience, bridging brands and consumers every day, understanding brand supply and consumer demand, adopting the strengths and weaknesses, planning opportunities and plotting against threats, we were inspired by the 1000+ brands to be the nth brand. Also known as Klo.

klo (n).

German for Bathroom

We realised that one spends some of their most significant moments in the day, in a restroom/ bathroom – Moments of planning and plotting, moments of reflecting, moments of hidden laughter and tears, moments of fear, moments of isolation, moments of relief, moments of rejuvenation, moments of freshness and moments of oneness. The time in the bathroom is the single most private space and moment for many. A place that promises to hold your mysteries and real self only for you. Unspoken and understanding, this private space is almost unassuming and omnipresent in the deepest moments of yourself. And that’s how we positioned Klo as a brand that not only understands this necessity but also supplies to the subliminal demand of being there when you need it the most, just like a non-obvious essential. In the light of such cognition, Klo stopped creating sanitaryware. It created bathrooms that respect this space and remain truly that - modest yet utilitarian, uncomplicated yet effective, surreal yet pragmatic -- making their bathrooms, praktische bathrooms, i.e., pragmatic, effective and utilitarian bathrooms.

German Inspired Bathrooms?

In a rare occurrence, this brand saw its tagline come before its name, its positioning before its identity, and its origin before its establishment. In a focus group study between interior designers and architects of various specialities and sub-industries and expertise, the results were insightful but unanimous to such an extent that we found our inspiration in no time. It was straight forward -- Italy meant style, the USA meant functionality, China meant cheap, India meant local, but Germany? They were the best.

And that is because of their core preoccupation with hygiene and health.

Journey from 100 to ONE

Naming the brand

Understanding the significance of the origin of the brand, it was important to communicate in line with that. It was critical to be fully aware as to how we want to stand in the mind of our consumer. And hence from the journey of a 100 on the blackboard to the final 4 and to the winner was quite an enriching one. All of this done through thorough rounds of research and planning among direct and indirect target audiences.

Core Value

In the business of homes, the relationships and the bonds that families share, are the strongest ones that ever existed. The idea was to change thought processes. The idea was to change stereotypes. The idea was creating impact.

The brand’s products were strong, durable, timeless just like its products. No judgements, no questions, no conditions, bathrooms share your most personal and private space with an unassuming and omnipresent vibe. Planned and built to match world-class bathrooms, we positioned Klo to create products that are high on function and utility, yet easy towards the environment and to clean. Being low-maintenance, the bathroom takes care for you instead of you caring for us. It understands you. If that does not make it family, what does?

Thereafter a strong communication set in to integrate Klo Families in every step of the way in order to further lay emphasis on its 10 Year Warranty - With you for a Decade - a unique value proposition seamlessly.

Happily Ever After

Brand building never ceases, a continuous sustained process is what keeps it strong. With Klo slowly and steadily growing into the shoes of a brand rather than just a company. No numbers can effectively summarise the result of a good brand or good brand building, it’s only a Happily Ever After that can reinstate a brand’s success story.

Communication Plan

Perfect Name

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