Television & Digital Commercial

CNBC-TV18 - India’s No. 1 Business News channel’s now 1-year old sibling was keen to create awareness of its launch while putting forth its key features. Stay tuned to see how Wife put forth a unique value proposition of having the very No. 1 Business News Channel on-the-go anytime, anywhere, everywhere.


With’s one successful year around the corner, we were keen to create the television and digital commercial for the very occasion - in order to create buzz, glory and more. The key was to create powerful communication that creates impact by positioning the all-new website as nothing less than CNBC-TV18 itself, but more. And needless to say, it was imperative for Wife to make sure that at no point, came across as a ‘better option’ over the existing network channels.

The Odyssey

What if...
Someone you adore,
Someone who is part of your life,
Someone who talks to you everyday,
Someone you look upto,
Someone who gives you your daily dose of advice,
Someone who supports you,
Someone you would want to meet someday,
Will now see you everyday.

During your morning runs,
At the breakfast table,
In the middle of meetings,
En-route everywhere,
As you lounge back at home
Even by the pool.

Everywhere you go, they will follow.
On every medium, you will find them.
Six individuals in their busy tunes of life, going about their daily routines being accompanied by CNBC’s market experts every step of the day. How? They’re all tuning in to the all-new

The Climax

The ad film was no less than a Bollywood of Business multi-starrer and while that was a serious strategy to gain maximum eyeballs, while creating a balance between the channel and its digital sibling, it also brought in challenges to make sure we create mileage for each and every vertical of business news and otherwise and also for each of the character leads.

The script was carefully written and thereafter directed to strike a balance between all things technical yet take creative liberties in order maximise impact and optimise reach.



Real Happily Ever Afters exist, if and only if a particular form of communication not only meets its objectives, but beyond. It’s imperative that the same is sustainable and timeless, one that tricks the tricks of time itself and continues to bring equity to the brand no matter when. And of course - anywhere; everywhere.


Story by Wife
Co-Directed by Neha Mewawalla & Nishad Sen
Producer Ankur Chaturvedi
DOP Prabhav Tewary
Edit by Nishad Sen
Casting Director Swati Agarwal
Wife Team Ahmer Ansari | Harmi Gopani | Karan Mandal | Madhukar Khare | Mahek Hardasani | Royden Dias | Sanket Pednekar
Music Deepanshu Verma
Voice Over Artist Kashyap Joshi
Cast (in order of appearance) Karan Jenjani | Parinita Seth | Karim Hajee | Punit Tejwani | Anshul Pandey | Priya Chauhan

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