Cricket IPL Web Banners 2018

Catching the attention of the everyday web surfer isn’t as easy as it sounds unless you have Wife by your side. Learn how Wife helped Yahoo! Cricket reach diverse target groups through dynamic web banners.


To make an impact, it’s always important to say the right thing at the right time to the right audience. This holds true even for Yahoo! Cricket who wanted to seize the opportunity of the upcoming edition of IPL to promote their app as the best place to catch live scores on the go. With the live score playing field already populated with several competitors, standing out among the crowd was key to winning this match. To do just that, Yahoo! Cricket needed Wife to create dynamic web banners that would immediately catch the eye of any cricket fan and generate more app installs. Furthermore, web banners had to be created in several regional languages for maximum coverage.

Once Upon A Time

Through extensive research about what was going on in the domain of cricket, we found that IPL as a brand was already busy creating buzz of their own for their upcoming tournament. Their primary communication revolved around a curious kid asking everyone which “sher” would win if two ever fought. These somehow always ended up with the kid’s “Dadaji” knowing the answer. With this in mind, we came up with the idea that our line of communication could play on this storyline to say that “Dadaji Nahin Hum Batayenge Kaunsa Sher Jeetega”. This meant that even Dadaji had his source of the latest cricket score – the Yahoo! Cricket app.

The Odyssey

Our first step in the right direction involved researching what was happening in the cricketing domain at the moment which ultimately led us to IPL’s very own communication of the little kid and his all-knowing Dadaji. This inspired the idea that our communication could revolve around the fact that Dadaji himself used the Yahoo! Cricket app to stay updated.

With the idea cemented, the team began creating the ideal line that would go on every web banner as well as began the process of translating the same into various local languages to ensure maximum reach and conversion for the ad.

Once the content was set, it was time to get the design rolling to create variations of the banners for different mediums and sizes. Each of them then had to incorporate the content in regional languages which were carefully translated and verified several times over to reflect colloquial speech patterns.

Three overall variations were finalized out of which two were executed in varied languages and one was the motion banner. To make the banners catch the attention of anyone, whether cricket fan or not, each banner was carefully crafted to draw attention by effectively using the brand’s colours. The banners even featured elements like Dadaji’s spectacles, pen and the Yahoo! Cricket ball depending on the required banner size.


During the course of ideation, a hurdle that came along involved sticking to certain guidelines that prevented the express use of terms that directly associated with the IPL. This was worked around by avoiding the use of related terms while still creating content in a smart way that still subliminally helped the target audience associate the ad with live cricket scores or cricket matches, whether IPL or otherwise. Beyond that, ensuring that the multilingual banners were effectively created was also imperative. Here, we had to account for intricacies like the differences in the colloquial dialect that could alter the essence of the message. This was overcome by repeated filtering of the translations as well as testing the same with small sample groups from various walks of life to gauge whether the message was loud and clear.

Happily Ever After

The web banners went up on all Yahoo! related websites and across the internet in time for the IPL season to hit and connected immediately with people from various states across the country thanks to the multilingual options of the banners.

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