Making DataBaaz Standout Amongst Others

Learn how Wife managed Databaaz’s social media platforms and took it from what it was to what it has become today. Read on to explore how Wife introduced India to its only daily data fix.


With millions of news channels and over ten thousand digital news platforms out there, what made DataBaaz different? Founded by Govindraj Ethiraj and powered by Google News Initiative, DataBaaz sought to be India's first-ever data-led video story platform. DataBaaz was determined to go the extra mile and explore in-depth facts and data driven insights of a news story. The brand believed in giving deep insights about its stories in creative and engaging ways. In order for the brand to truly leverage the power of social media and reach as wide an audience as possible, DataBaaz sought to partner with Wife to conquer the internet.

Once Upon A Time

What DataBaaz needed was to get some good solid traction across various social media platforms in order to build a loyal audience and drive public discourse. With the task set forth, Wife outlined ideas and strategies that would help the brand not just stand out in this competitive market but also create a space of its own to pioneer data driven bite sized videos. The first thing Wife set out to do was to develop a solid plan that would cover all bases and then test these strategies in phases before actioning the same on official DataBaaz handles.

The Odyssey


Many successful projects often start with the way Wife did with a thorough competition analysis for DataBaaz to understand every potential competitor, their audiences, what worked for them, and in some cases, even what spelled disaster for a brand.

This helped outline the right kind of content and design strategy that would work well for DataBaaz in order for it to reach the intended audience. Every news piece, insight, promotion and activity performed by DataBaaz up and until this point was studied. After all, Wife gets to know its better half very well.


With all preliminary research done with and all key insights laid out before Wife, it was now time to strategize. In this stage, the team started brainstorming about how to go about it creating a plan of action that would help DataBaaz hit the ground running. Keeping the research and key insights in mind, Wife came up with intuitive systems for standardising design, copy and content for the phases to come.

This meant developing a brand new tone of voice, a unique visual aesthetic for every video and creative that DataBaaz would put out as well as a content approval system that would keep up with the fast pace that DataBaaz had to operate at to stay relevant when it came to data and news. Wife created a design stylesheet to maintain the overall look and feel across all mediums for DataBaaz.

A video template was designed in line with the new stylesheet and adapted by DataBaaz across all their data story videos. A monthly content calendar was also put in place to ensure smooth sailing for social media scheduling. An in-depth spends plan was prepared to reach goals in the most optimised way possible without exceeding the set budgets. Various test ads were devised for initial performance calibration which helped optimise spends yet bring about efficient results.

We live in an era where digital presence makes or breaks a brand. Keeping that in mind, a hashtag bank was created to arm DataBaaz with everything the brand needed to fight for its own space online. This hashtag bank consisted of a mix of trending hashtags and customized hashtags suitable for digital promotions.


The social media execution plan was first implemented on a test page to optimize and recalibrate the plan as required. This plan consisted of a video post, an infographic, a fact post, and a post describing the news piece with a video link attached. When it came to engaging with the audience, ‘5Ws 1H’ i.e. questions pertaining to who, what, where, when, why, and how were asked.

For maximum engagement, Instagram tools and features like polls, quizzes and AMA were used. These helped the audience understand the hard-hitting stories and data points without a hitch and in engaging ways. Tagging other relevant social media pages and using important hashtags for the story was also a part of the execution process.

A strait-laced timetable and content calendar were maintained for daily approvals amongst the Wife and DataBaaz teams respectively.


Adhering to the colour palette of DataBaaz, which is yellow, black and white, an Instagram story template was created with the help of Canva.

On the other hand, to enhance posts and to make them look different from other media uploads, creatives were designed on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These creatives were a major driving force that helped grab the audience’s attention.


Campaigns are the benchmark of brand awareness. It’s the brand's responsibility to help their audience get to know a little more about their brand on a regular basis. Wife realised that formulating captivating campaigns was the best way to make this work for DataBaaz.

Hence, the team came up with a series of engaging yet informational campaigns that also helped audience members understand the brand a little better.


This campaign gives a summary of all the important stories and issues covered by DataBaaz in a week. When it comes to creatives, carousel posts were created where each image represented each data story, while strategically placed text highlighted hard-hitting facts from the headline. Episodic videos were also created where a DataBaaz newscaster would explain and highlight the week's stories. These were uploaded across Facebook, Instagram and IGTV.


This campaign paid respect to the unsung heroes of the country who were always on a journey to save Mother Earth and its children. The team highlighted their work by creating an image creative for the digital medium that told each hero’s story in just a few words yet with maximum impact.


The idea behind this campaign was simple yet novel enough to grab eyeballs and get people coming back for more. The campaign simply sought to explain why data is important in our day to day lives in a hundred different ways over the course of a hundred days straight! Every post was attractively animated to highlight each reason for each day and sported the #100ReasonsWhyData.


Everyone needs some Monday motivation now and then and hence, Wife introduced the #MakeYourMonday campaign where every Monday we picked an empowering personality and covered their inspirational story on DataBaaz. This campaign focused on their hard work, struggles and achievements that made the audience hit snooze on their #MondayBlues and #MadeTheirMonday instead.






DataBaaz revolutionized daily data fix with #100ReasonsWhy

Fact Post

Did you know that the tallest mountain in the world is in Hawaii? Mauna Kea is over 10,000 meters tall from its base at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to its summit above sea level! Mt. Everest, on the other hand, is 8,848 meters above sea level in comparison.

Fact Post

Even after being a legal producer and exporter of opium, India's geographical location leaves her vulnerable to illicit drug trafficking. In 2013-17, 10,000 kgs of illegal opium was confiscated in the country.

Monday Motivation

Afsana Bano, is a 19 year old mother to an infant boy. She has completed class 12 and is among the 18% in the district with 10 years of education.


According to the Troll Patrol India Report 2020, Indian women politicians face 7 types of abuses on Twitter- sexism and religious splurs making the highest percentage of all.

Daily Story Post

An average Indian man spends 42 minutes per day on grooming, study says. How much time do you spend?


These are the top 3 states in the recently released Good Governance Index. Where does your state rank in the index? Let us know in the comments below.

Urban Warriors

For every drop of water dripping every second, 1000 litres flow into the gutter in a month” says @aabidsurti, who has fixed 400 leaky taps every year since 2007. So far, he claims to have saved 20 million litres of water.

Daily Story Post

Festivities bring joy. But for some, it brings business. Like Rajamani here, a local chakli vendor from the Dharavi. For him,‪ Diwali‬ is the only time of the year where sales peak in his otherwise dull business.

Monday Motivation

Hey there! We're starting a new campaign that's all set to #MakeYourMonday motivating and positive.

Fact Post

Sadly, 625 tigers were poached in India in the last 19 years. This accounts for over a fourth of the 2,359 tigers poached worldwide.

Fact Post

40% of deaths related to road accidents involve 2 and 3-wheeler vehicles. Watch our data story to learn more.


The journey to success for the brand was challenging yet enjoyable. Each step, from the planning to the execution stage was well calculated and meticulously implemented. There was one crucial thing Wife never missed out on and that is approvals. Maintaining transparency with clients is primal to Wife which ensures a harmonious relationship throughout. This didn't only make giving us a go-ahead easier, but also helped develop a healthy relationship between Wife and DataBaaz.

Happily Ever After

Wife successfully reached the target and then some with more than 10k followers on Instagram and Facebook. This was a result of an exceptional engagement strategy, relentless brainstorming sessions and meticulous research. It also helped increase link clicks on articles, with nearly 1 lac shares, saves and likes.

What more could you want from a Happily Ever After?

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