Video Stylesheet

With a unique take on educating and informing young India through data-driven videos, DataBaaz got one half of the equation right. Now the brand needed to ensure that their videos were recognizable, visually appealing and as engaging as possible in order to establish a unique visual identity for their videos.


While DataBaaz was busy creating good video content based on interesting topics that highlighted some pretty insightful data, the challenge was to make the videos visually engaging enough for audience to not only recognize them as DataBaaz content but also to have that audience coming back for more videos every day. In order to overcome this challenge, it was up to Wife study the brand’s existing content bank and establish a unique visual identity for all of DataBaaz’s video content as well as ensure standardization through the creation of a stylesheet.

Once Upon A Time

There were basically two major objectives of the stylesheet. The first was to establish the visual identity for all video content for the brand, and the second was to bring about a degree of standardization through various guidelines to ensure consistency in the overall look and feel of videos over time.

After meticulous research and analysis, Wife identified the way forward in terms of putting together and designing the various aspects and guidelines that would finally culminate in a comprehensive and exhaustive video stylesheet.

The Odyssey

The first step was, of course, to identify and narrow down the key aspects of the stylesheet that would have to be covered. This included logo guidelines, bug placement, typeface guidelines, text overlays, subtitles, lower-thirds, the colour palette and accents as well as the end slate guidelines.

Logo Guidelines

Wife laid down some essential guidelines for the DataBaaz logo that served as a comprehensive guide not only for video content but also as a multi-platform and multi-medium logo guide as well. These included variations of the logo as well that would ensure the logo remained clearly visible no matter what background it would appear over, especially given the dynamic nature of video as a visual medium.

Bug Placement

The stylesheet also specified details with regards to the ideal bug placement, which specifies the placement of the brand’s logo unit on any frame of the video. This not only specified the ideal bug placement for YouTube, but also laid down the ideal placement for other platforms, especially those that use square and vertical videos.

Typeface Guidelines

The next component of the stylesheet gave a comprehensive look at what typeface is to be used and in what font weight and size. This included headings, sub-headings, subtitles and any other text that may appear in DataBaaz videos. The typeface for both English as well as Hindi was carefully chosen and specified in the stylesheet.

Text Overlay & Subtitles

TWhile the previous section gave a clear indication of what typeface is best suited for the brand, this section now pointed out how that text should be overlaid on each frame and how adding an appropriate visual element ensured legibility no matter what the background may be. This also aided the placement and alignment of subtitles as well as dos and don’ts to streamline the post production process.


This section focused on how lower-thirds should appear in DataBaaz’s videos and was especially important as nearly every video features interviews of key individuals from each story. These lower-thirds, thus, had to be eye-catching and clear to indicate the names, designations and locations featured in each data story.

Colours & Accents

In order to truly bring out the brand’s visual identity in a non-intrusive yet memorable way, Wife highlighted the ideal colour palette along with a set of visual accents that would bring out DataBaaz itself in every video. These accents, coupled with the striking shades of yellow and black, instantly made each video recognizable as a DataBaaz video even just from a quick glance.

End Slate

While being the last aspect of the stylesheet, was just as important as any other. It helped define the final ending sequence that would tie up every data story with a unique and eye-catching logo animation sequence coupled with the appropriate CTA and information.

Apart from the stylesheet, Wife also designed and provided the various visual assets, end slate animation sequence and the other necessary assets needed to streamline the post production process for DataBaaz.


The stylesheet became a fundamental part DataBaaz’s brand identity for all video content and brought a much-needed sense of standardization and consistency to the overall process as well. The main idea to maintain uniformity across all communication for the brand, including social media posts, video content and the website was accomplished effectively. This created a synergy across all of DataBaaz’s communication and made it’s video content even stronger and more impactful.

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