Nivesh India Season 3

Recreating the exact set across 12 cities for 19 sessions with no room for error was what Nivesh India Season 3 was all about. Explore how Wife effectively managed the production and show running for the whole season.


ET Now, together with the NSE came up with the initiative to spread investor awareness through a series of televised workshops aptly named Nivesh India. The aim was to put forward a show that simplifies the concept of capital markets to passive as well as novice investors. This series was due to begin its 3rd season which would spread across 12 cities with 19 sessions. Since this was a televised series of session, a set had to be designed that reflected the theme of Nivesh India which then had to be put together at each venue across the 12 cities in precisely the same manner. Apart from this, venues for each session had to be selected and booked that would accommodate the expected number of attendees.

Once Upon a Time

With the objective clearly defined, we had to first select the kind of venue for all the sessions and book the same as per the schedule. We then had to canvas each venue and accordingly create one set design that would be recreated exactly at every city. Thereafter, we had to study the flow of the event and understand how to go about show running the entire thing as well as allotting the right amount of people to each activity.

The Odyssey

The first step involved finalising dates for each workshop in each respective city. Once that was done, we had to study each city to find a central location that was convenient to reach to ensure maximum participation and ease of accessibility. Based on the desired location, we then selected feasible hotels as venues for each workshop. As each venue was carefully handpicked, a team was sent across to canvas the venue hall as well ensure that the food and beverage department was equipped to cater an appropriate breakfast as well as tea as per requirement.

The next major step was to design a set that perfectly represented the overall theme of Nivesh India and the investment domain. This included several panels, accompanying standees as well as banners. We made sure that the set was designed to be attractive and visually appealing which even included a graph that represented the highs and lows of the capital market. The set was also made to reflect the brand’s existing identity and values.

As each workshop was due as per the schedule, we sent our team to each respective city to personally overlook the construction of the set. This also involved checking the venue for issues that could crop up at the very last minute. We ensured that the lighting and sound were set well before the event and checked multiple times to prevent failure during the show. It was further ensured that the set was created in exactly the same way to ensure continuity from each televised session to the next. This called for the highest level of standardisation across every set created in each city. Beyond that, our on-ground team studied the flow of events well in advance to effectively carry out show running during the course of each session to ensure seamless screen switching on queue as well as sound operation as required.


A major concern from an execution standpoint was recreating each set in each respective city exactly as per the original set layout and design. This was critical as the set had to look like it was simply picked up from one venue and placed at another. This was overcome by following up and personally supervising the set production process ourselves. Another important factor was selecting the right location that was as easily accessible as possible to ensure the maximum number of attendees from across each city.

Happily Ever After

Each of the 19 sessions held across the 12 cities proved to be a success with smooth show running, impeccable set design and great audience experience at the venue. Certain cities like Mumbai and Surat even recorded the highest turnout as compared to the previous two seasons with audience turnout crossing the 150 threshold. Overall, this season was an undeniable success for Nivesh India.


Due to the success of Nivesh India Season 3 in terms of turnout and execution, the vast number of people the series managed to reach gained first-hand knowledge that has empowered them to invest confidently.

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