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Ever delivered a presentation to a crowded room and found at least half the audience distracted minutes into the first few slides? Learn how Wife can help unlock the infinite possibilities of PowerPoint.


PowerPoint, contrary to popular belief, is capable of so much more than just picking a predefined theme, adding text in bullet points and inserting pictures. The possibilities with PowerPoint are in fact endless and with it being the most widespread presentation medium across the world, there’s no ignoring the utility of advanced presentation.

At various points in time, a large organisation like P&G conducts multiple rounds of presentations to better communicate their strategies to various stakeholders within the company. In order for these presentations to have the best impact and for them to be remembered, these presentation decks require more than the average corporate PowerPoint. Each presentation should captivate the attention of the audience as well as effectively convey the key data and the overall message. To ensure just that, the company calls on Wife to design some of the best presentation decks possible.

Once Upon A Time

Every presentation that goes through Wife requires the highest degree of visual design as well as unique and captivating animation that is otherwise and quite often unexpected from PowerPoint as a software. PowerPoint is capable of a lot more than just simple text on a coloured background and that’s exactly what we set out to prove every single time with completely editable presentations. Every presentation is first studied, then redesigned for better visual appeal and then animated accordingly to accentuate the data as well as the visuals. Any slide that needs a specific design from scratch are also planned out accordingly and designed. Once the presentation has been completed, it is put through a series of checks and tests on various systems to weed out any bugs or unexpected hiccups in the deck flow.

The Odyssey

Every brand comes with its own identity, personality as well as distinguishing characteristics- be it Ariel, Vicks, Oral-B or Whisper. Each of these brand presentations started out as a basic deck encapsulating the necessary information to be conveyed as well as the indicative flow of the presentation. In some cases, particular presentations come with an overarching theme while others needed one to be devised by us. With the theme clearly defined, the next step was to properly understand the flow and purpose of the presentation so that elements and animation can be created to reflect the same effectively. The visual theme is then designed for the presentation as a whole. Some presentations call for multiple themes for different sections of the presentation. Each of these themes is created from scratch to best reflect the brand’s persona and identity.

Once every slide has been appropriately designed with new elements and visuals added, each aspect of the slide is then animated to better emphasise on key data as well as to bring visual appeal to the overall presentation. Careful attention is given to create animation that is subtle and which adds value to the presentation rather than creating a distraction that draws attention away from the message being delivered. At all points, the deck is also made to be absolutely editable in every detail to ensure flexibility in making changes to refine the end result. With all bells and whistles added and refined, the deck goes through testing on various platforms like Windows, Mac and even mobile devices to ensure smooth sailing through the presentation process as well as multi-device accessibility. This is done to avoid any hiccups mid-presentation as well as to ensure that the deck is user-friendly and ready for circulation within the organisation if need be.


Each presentation came with its own set of specific guidelines and requirements. These presentations were also turned around very quickly with no compromise on the quality of design and animation of the final product. However, every presentation went through a rigorous process of studying and understanding the deck, designing and redesigning it, adding some dynamism to it through advanced animation and finally putting the deck through extensive quality control.

Happily Ever After

All presentations that have gone through Wife have consistently pushed the boundary of what PowerPoint as a software is expected to be capable of. Each deck has effectively resonated with the respective brand, be it Ariel, Vicks, Oral-B or Whisper and has added value to the presentation process as a whole. Every deck that comes out also sets the benchmark for design and animation quality higher than the last due to constant improvement of the designing process.

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