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Father’s Day Film

Special occasions like Father’s Day often receive much attention from brands who wish to leverage the concept through advertising. Explore how Wife helped SBI Mutual Fund break through all that clutter with their own unique take on Father’s Day.


With Father’s Day just around the corner, the team at SBI Mutual Fund saw the opportunity to promote their SWP Monthly Income Scheme for those who wished to support their parents through investing. Contrary to an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), the SWP is a facility which allows one to withdraw a fixed amount regularly from their existing investments. With this in mind, Wife was tasked with creating a unique digital ad film that would showcase the SWP Scheme as the perfect Father’s Day gift.

7 Days One Film 38,000+ Smiles

Upon Maya asking her father what was wrong, he’s lost in thought as he begins a monologue of his dire state. While Maya sympathises, she’s not even a fair amount stressed but in fact a slight bit amused that her father really thinks that she will let him ever feel helpless. The mother then breaks the monologue and as she shares a moment with her daughter, asks her husband to stop overthinking and that their daughter has their back.

Climactically ending with the fact that it is in fact Father’s Day revealed by a text message which turns a regular-seeming Sunday into a not-so-regular Father’s Day in every way.

The Odyssey

To bring this concept to life, Wife began the creative journey in a manner of phases.


To begin with, it was imperative to first understand who this ad film was targeted at as well as to understand how the SWP Scheme as a product has the potential to positively impact them.

Through this research, Wife not only established the right target group to reach out to but also established the right messaging and communication that needs to be used for positioning the product.

Also considering SBI Mutual Fund fell under the SEBI guidelines, it was imperative to not bypass any and at the same time not let any factor affect the script.

The Story

In order to truly connect with the intended audience, the team knew that the ad film has to strike the right note and bring out emotion. This would make the ad more than just an ad, rather a touching reminder that in our successes we need to remember the sacrifices of our parents and learn to give back. And in giving back, one of the best ways would be the SWP Scheme. The objective was to make it seem as though the scheme was created first keeping in mind the welfare of those you care about while keeping investing as a concept almost secondary. This was then penned down by our team of script writers that defined each and every nuance, emotion and line that finally culminated into the film itself.


With a well thought out script in place, it was time to find the right talent that would embody the three primary characters in the film. Wife followed a careful process of handpicking the right talent through a series of auditions and screenings, keeping in mind that the emotional connect between the father and the daughter had to be on point in every scene.

Art Direction

Since the script revolved around a small family at home, Wife decided that erecting a set wouldn’t justify the look and setting that the team was going for. In order for it to truly feel like a real family living in a real home, Wife needed just that – a real home that’s been lived in by a real family. Wife then set out to find that perfect home that embodied that warm cosy feeling of family that would set the right ambience and backdrop for the film. We finally found that home, complete with its own little nuances overlooking the sea at Malabar Hills.

Shoot & Post

Considering the screenplay, and the meticulously made shot logs, the shoot was absolutely smooth and used quality equipment that enhanced the film’s look greatly. And as they say good pre-production guarantees better post-production, was what made the film making process a success. With the principle aspects completed, it was now time to meticulously put the final film together with the right sound and various rounds of edits in order to execute a crisp and engaging film. With great performances from the cast, it was now the job of the music director to enhance that emotion with the a tune composed for this very film.


More than anything else, cracking a breakthrough idea and setting for the film was really important in the overall scheme of things. If we hadn’t gotten that right in the first place, the ad would just be another Father’s Day plug in that the audience would ignore. Keeping that in mind, Wife made sure that the right idea finally came across and was then properly executed to culminate in the ad film it is today that too in the span of 7 days from start to finish.


All said and done, the final film itself was a truly emotional and thought provoking ad that really connected with audiences rather than being just another blatant product ad trying to capitalise on an occasion like Father’s Day.


The ad film was well received on various mediums and gained great mileage for the brand as well as the SWP Monthly Income Scheme. It continues to gain views today irrespective of whether it’s Father’s Day or not, due to the heart-warming nature of the ad.

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