The Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger Awards

The bloggers of today and the path pavers of tomorrow experienced an evening that recognized and highlighted the industry’s best fashion, beauty and lifestyle digital content creators with the Palladium Spotlight Awards – India’s First Fashion Blogger Awards.


The Palladium Spotlight Awards came into being to be dedicated to people who are taking the internet by a storm one blog at a time and the real reason why 5 minutes on the internet becomes 50. A one of a kind initiative and India’s First Blogger Awards were much needed to recognize and highlight the industry’s best fashion, beauty and lifestyle digital content creators.

After all, fashion is in its own self a unique brand rather than just a 'category' otherwise. And indeed, there was no one better than Palladium – being the iconic landmark for high fashion and luxury, the biggest fashion aggregator in Mumbai – to be the evangelist of this thought.

700+ Nominations Only 21 Winners

The Climax

Being not only High Street Phoenix’s first Blogger Awards, but also India’s first ever Blogger Awards, its first bricks had to be set in a way that they will never deter and create an equity that reinstates fashion as a brand and bloggers its ambassadors. A multi-layered process had to be put in place in order to curate this one-of-a-kind intellectual property with the perfect mix of bringing the digital world on-ground without dampening the efficacy and impact. The core idea was to create a strong value proposition with a powerful pre-buzz activity, a stunning show, and a post-buzz activity that lived up to the hype and then created some.

Happily Ever After

Not only did the Palladium Spotlight Blogger Awards create a rage in 2017, but set a benchmark to still be the only and the biggest Blogger Awards in India. However this time the stage is larger, the game is bigger, and the stakes are higher.

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