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Captivating the attention of an audience at Pune Fashion Week using anything other than fashion is a tall order by itself. Learn how Wife helped US Freedom Capital do just that with an AV that highlighted their key offering to the right audience.


US Freedom Capital wanted to capitalise on brand visibility at the Pune Fashion Week by showcasing a video that not only captivated the audience’s attention but also educated them about investing in the US with the benefit of gaining a green card. The idea was to sell a glamorous yet high on ROI investment opportunity while tuning it specifically to the audience present at the Fashion Week. The purpose of the video was to create genuine curiosity and a need to explore USFC and the EB-5 opportunity.

Once Upon A Time

The team realized that the entire idea of EB-5 could essentially be translated into experiencing ‘the best of both worlds’. This revolved around every EB-5 investor ultimately being given the opportunity to be a part of two worlds, India and the US. With this, the idea was to showcase to the audience the fact that they are entitled to selectively enjoy the best parts of these two countries as they see fit. This would be translated through the creation of a video that shows both countries in good light, yet subtly encourages the viewer to consider an EB-5 investment.

The Odyssey

To make a video that served US Freedom Capital’s goal of captivating the attention of the audience at Pune Fashion Week, the team had to carefully formulate a script that highlighted the best things of India as well as the US while subtly putting across the idea of EB-5 as a viable investment opportunity.

A script was first formulated keeping in mind the objectives of the entire exercise. In order to aptly depict the best things about two very different countries, the team came up with the idea of using a split screen technique. Each scene was therefore split into the left which represented the Indian side and the right which showcased the American side. To complement the visuals of each scene, a voice over script was written to take the audience through the video and finally explain the proposition of the EB-5 investment opportunity.

During the planning phase the team planned to first curate a library of stock footage that would best suit the script for the US side. The team would then work backwards by shooting in Mumbai keeping the US stock footage as the basis for each shot. This ensured that each shot would seamlessly stitch together with stock footage on the editing table post production. Shooting then began based on the final selection of stock footage.

In the meantime, the hunt for the best suited voice for the voice over was on. It made sense to have an actual American voice artist with an American accent do the voice over to best connect the visuals with the audio since the investment plan was an American one. And so the team searched and tested the best artists for the job and finally narrowed down on the perfect voice that not just sounded right for the script but was also enthusiastic and pleasant to listen to.

With all footage in place, it was time to turn to the editing table where each shot that made the split was stitched together seamlessly, properly colour graded to bring out the right colour, complemented by the right background score along with the overlay of the voiceover which timed well with each shot. To top it off the most crucial part of the video which specifically talked about the EB-5 advantage was showcased in attractive animation that aptly conveyed the video’s punch line.


Throughout the whole process, it was critical that at no point the communication came out as promoting one country over the other. The video had to strike just the right balance between the positives of both countries while creating a memorable impact on the audience. Another key aspect that had to come together smoothly was finding the right footage that truly brought out the idea of the script. At the same time, it was essential that each shot of stock footage was possible to recreate on the Indian side of the split. Furthermore, finding the appropriate voice artist to capture the essence of the script was also critical in the entire process. Finally, the ultimate purpose of the video had to be kept in mind while through the entire journey of creating the video which was to create enough enthusiasm and intrigue in the audience that would drive them to want to know more about EB-5 and US Freedom Capital.

Happily Ever After

The team was able to create a video that not only captured the attention of the audience at Pune Fashion Week but also educated them about the EB-5 advantage and how they could truly be a part of two worlds.

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