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Standing out at an exhibition or expo amidst hundreds of other brands is difficult even for a big brand like Yahoo! Cricket when there’s so much clutter. See how Wife helped the brand cut through the noise and make a lasting impression.


At Ad:tech New Delhi 2018, Yahoo! Cricket decided to make a big splash at the event. In order to do just that, the brand needed to create a set that would make their space a must visit attraction at ad:tech with the objective of maximising brand visibility and making Yahoo! Cricket one of the most talked about brands at ad:tech. As part of this, the brand needed to build up to the event through invites and web banners that would lead up to the event itself. To ensure that the space would best represent Yahoo! Cricket, Wife’s special touch was the need of the hour.

Once Upon A Time

Yahoo! Cricket is obviously a brand that has anything and everything to do with cricket. This gave Wife ample opportunity to create a space that no cricket fan at ad:tech could ever think of missing out on. To get the ball rolling, Wife decided that the entire exercise deserved a theme to aptly communicate the brand’s message. This theme finally used a play on words that involved the “pitch” – both, an actual one that would be created at the venue as well as the selling pitch which was the underlying objective of participating at the event.

The Odyssey

The journey for ad:tech primarily demanded a plan and theme to be devised that would set Yahoo! Cricket’s space at the event apart from every other. The winning idea finally involved a play on the word “pitch” which referred to the idea of a sales pitch given by the brand as well as a cricket pitch that had to be created at Yahoo! Cricket’s space as a key attraction.

For an effective build-up to Yahoo! Cricket’s presence at ad:tech, we created a dynamic web banner that teased the brand’s participation at the event. The web banner was specifically designed to capture both the spirit of the brand as well as the essence of the theme of the pitch at ad:tech.

To further this, an email invite was also designed for circulation prior to the event in Delhi which again captured the essence of the theme while breaking the mould of the everyday emailer.

The next task was that of visualising the set and the stadium like elements that would populate it as well as creating enough interaction points that would lead to a higher brand recall. To best express the visual appeal of the floor layout, we then created a 3D set layout that would do justice to the idea.

These included an actual cricket pitch being created on the set surrounded by grass. Various elements were then added like stadium lights, stumps and a boundary rope all with Yahoo! Cricket branding. Bleacher seats were also created as a casual seating area aptly named the Fan Shout Zone and a special Yahoo! Cricket logo was also placed strategically for not only creating a visual dynamic for branding but also as a concealed technical console.

Another interaction point was a large interactive mobile phone that allowed visitors to experience the app first hand on a large display for a memorable experience.

For true cricket fans, a montage was put together that encapsulated some of the most iconic moments in cricketing history which was showcased on a large seamless display at the Yahoo! Cricket installation.

No visitor left the Yahoo! Cricket zone empty-handed as a merchandise basket was placed containing thousands of purple Yahoo! Cricket stress balls.

The theme also made its way into how Yahoo! Cricket personnel were dressed at the venue with witty and pun-filled prints that caught everyone’s eye. We also ensured that finding one’s way to the Yahoo! Cricket zone was as easy as possible through theme-based directional signage spread throughout the venue.

Another great interaction point was a one-of-a-kind table-top cricket game that allowed visitors to pit themselves against one another in the centre of the Yahoo! Cricket pitch.


Before getting into designing and creating a set, the first hurdle was devising a theme that resonated with the objective of the exercise as well as with what Yahoo! Cricket as a brand stood for. Once we got that out of the way, half the battle was won. The other half involved our next key challenge which was bringing to life the complexity and intricacy of the planned set design at the venue in Delhi. This meant curating, assembling and installing the multiple elements overnight as per the guidelines and restrictions of the venue management. All of this clearly required well thought out planning and execution to ensure a successful event for the brand.

Happily Ever After

The set finally culminated with the various elements coming together to form Yahoo! Cricket’s very own pitch at ad:tech New Delhi 2018 where the space was one of the most visited installations at the event and is still remembered. David Shing, a.k.a. Shingy – the renowned Digital Prophet at Oath (part of Verizon Media Group) which has under its wings Yahoo! Cricket – couldn’t stop raving about the engagement and nor could he get his hands off the table-top cricket game.

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