31 Jul

Choices are the hinges of destiny

By Vatsal Sagar

Hello, so this is my first attempt at penning down something. I would like to discuss a few topics relating to career choices in the marketing domain, the kind of opportunities offered and other matters of interest. To find a place where you can truly learn, make the most out of the opportunities and participate in activities rather than just working at the back-end process of a typical 9-5 job. I hope this blog will be helpful to everyone reading as I will be sharing a few of my thoughts here.
As freshers, since we’ve just graduated from college, we all have that slight laid back attitude and behaviour which is why we perhaps lack discipline and that professional touch while giving interviews. Instead of finding out and understanding the reasons of rejection, we tend to blame companies for not giving opportunities. Also, to be honest you got to be talented, skilful, hardworking and ready to face and embrace everything that comes and finally have faith in yourself to disrupt things in your own way and bring something better out of it.
As you set out to apply for jobs, it is important to know what kind of job you want or what kind of work interests you. Initially people only wanted government jobs as it looked extremely rosy from the outside. Be it the timings, holidays etc. as added bonuses. It is believed to be a reputed job working as a government employee but what it may not offer an individual is to grow out of their comfort zones as there is a lack of diversification of work. Hence, choosing the right profile is crucial as eventually one should enjoy the work they do. Evaluating different career choices helps in accentuating your career growth in the right direction. I'd like to give my own example to perhaps give you a better perspective. I had no idea about what I wanted to do or which domain I wanted to step into till I was 21. After working with a few companies in different profiles, I realized I was more inclined towards marketing. It helps you grind your brain to come up with various strategies, their application, how campaigns are managed etc. and I found all of this to be exciting and was keen to learn more hence, I chose this area.
Most of the freshers get nervous for an interview due to a lack of confidence, lack of domain knowledge or just the fear of rejection which in turn affects the performance of the individual during the interview itself. Hence, companies prefer experienced people so that basic understanding of the product and service is all that needs to be given rather than training them from scratch and teaching them about corporate ethics.
No matter where I’ve worked, one thing that I found in common is the aspect of relationship building with clients. The continuous follow up that comes along with it, like in sales you have to keep meeting people, build a rapport to sell your product. While operations on the other hand involves meeting vendors and working on follow up to update ourselves and get the work done. Your networking skills get polished as you get to meet new people with every new project that comes along. Networking is one crucial factor in today’s world as you never know who and what can help you at any given point of time.
To all reading this blog, interacting with new people and building relations is the key to moving ahead, especially in the marketing industry as it helps build your confidence and makes you more approachable. As a sales person, what I’ve learnt is that if you work professionally in a disciplined manner, you will see success coming your way even in the least of likelihoods. In the end it does not matter how much you sell but rather the will to continue and not give up, which is essential. You need to keep putting your efforts which will eventually turn into earnings and rewards.
At the beginning you may not get the perfect job you've always dreamt of and so you may have to take up different small jobs which isn't a bad thing either as these small job experiences only give you the right exposure, learnings, understanding of business, ethics, professionalism and discipline.
Lastly, what I’m trying to put out here is that a typical student’s attitude and behaviour doesn’t work in corporate life. You have to be a thorough professional because you will be representing your company and will be the one dealing with clients and other important people at the workplace.
The best way to search for jobs according to me would be either through references, joining different online portals and social media platform like LinkedIn are also worth investing time in. Finally, always be positive because good things are coming for you! In the end it doesn’t even matter who else is giving you the right or wrong suggestions or telling you what to do or what not to do as taking action itself is completely on you, so be confident and deal with whatever comes your way.