24 Apr

My 3 Main Ingredients For A Well Cooked Article

By Sruthi Nambiar

We are constantly communicating through content writing to express ourselves, our ideas, brands, products and more. Even though the destination is the same the path to it has changed drastically. In today’s digital era, communication has become more so convenient and is found in abundance all around us. Although, this inevitably means that it is now harder to reach the people you want to but fortunately, isn’t completely impossible. I want to share my experience and how I manage to make my content stand out in a way that will help you with your own writing.

Know Yourself

First and foremost, I answer the question of who I am. Whether that be a brand, product or an individual. Knowing who I am in the narrative of the article helps me direct who I am communicating to and establish a unique style, identity or signature. Every individual has their signature way of communicating but many a times that is lost in mass communication. Find that voice again and use it as a light house. I have noticed that my content tends to be more memorable to people when it’s not just another SEO rich piece of content meant to only grab attention.

Know Your Audience

My next ingredient is my audience. Knowing and understanding my audience not only helps me define a clear direction in my content writing but also helps me find a way to connect with them. Although I maintain my identity, I communicate in a manner that would build a bridge between my reader and myself. Just like how we change our way of communication based on who we are talking to in our day to day life, whilst also maintaining our identity.

Know Your Realm

One of the most primary and creative ways to attract your desired audience is by being the solution to their problem. When I am faced with doubt, I find myself reading multiple articles back to back in search of a solution. It has become an instinct to explore the internet for information, so why not take advantage of that? Joining discussion forums and other such platforms have always been a starting point of not only research but also establishing a topic to begin with.

Although content writing may seem complex, you can still make your way and be noticed by keeping these 3 guidelines in mind. Give your blogs and website an identity and keep feeding it content that will remain relevant to the audience you wish to cater to. These three ingredients have helped me craft decent web contents that brought that not only attracted the desired audience, but also kept those readers coming back for more.

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