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Wife is a Brand Management, Marketing, Communication and Creative agency specialising in all things Strategy, Content & Design and everything under it. We are in a polygamous relationship with our brands as their better halves and aim to engage with brands as their better half. We create strategically effective and disruptive plans and build outputs that more often than not go beyond the brief to result in a mutual vision. Our constant market research and sustained experience in the industry catalyses a brand’s equity building process through whatever medium they or we choose.
Brand Management

What kind of brand do you want to build today?

Brands are humans - stout, lean, cute, funny, serious, classy, annoying. Brands care. Brands strive. Brands aim. So just like a man and woman procreate their own, you with Wife can procreate brands. You create them. We curate them. You plan them. We build them. You envision them. We entitle them.

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Think of Marketing to be like a Matrimony ad. The process of looking for a partner, finding a partner, at a marriageably-due age, with the best value propositions projected using an online website in some cases and a local aunty otherwise. And not very distinct, marketing is, after all, getting the right goods and services, to the right people, at the right time, at the right price, with the right communication & promotion.

So, are you looking for a partner?

The 7Cs of effective Communication are Completeness, Conciseness, Consideration, Clarity, Concreteness, Courtesy and Correctness. Have you ever thought your wife is complete in thought, concise in word, considerate in retribution, clear in conversation, concrete on promise, courteous in action or correct in judgment?

Now you will.

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A Creative agency creates ideas. Strategy. Brands. Concepts. Experiences. Content. Designs. Dreams. However, Wife is created by ideas. Created by strategy. Created by brands. Created by concepts. Created by experiences. Created by content. Created by design. Created by dreams. Therefore, Wife is not creative. Creative is Wife. After all, do you want to be someone or do you want someone to be you?

Too complicated? That’s Wife

The Wife’s Office

With a lawn and allocated afternoon nap times, with an iconic red door and a team like family, the Wife’s office is a second home for many, and sometimes even first.
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They say, behind every successful man is a woman. We say, behind every successful brand, is Wife.

Case Study

P&G Corporate Brand Decks

Co-Founder / Multipotentialite / Intuitive / Experiences

Meet Ankur Chaturvedi

With over 8 years of experience in marketing and television production, Ankur has strategized and managed brands like Skoda, Audi, Mercedes, Google, HUL, Force Motors, Glenmark, J&J, L&T, NSE, YPO along with being instrumental in annual marquee events like IIFA, GIMA and the IPL Opening Ceremony. His exes include Wizcraft and CNBC-TV18 which have added an unparalleled experience and advantage to him when it comes to having a superior edge when it comes to the knowledge of a brand, industry and the overall market.
We have More than 18 years Of consolidated
Co-Founder / Strategy / Disruption / Design

Meet Neha Mewawalla

With a diverse experience mix of advertising, art direction, MarCom, experiential marketing, design, strategy and sales, Neha’s core belief is integration, which today makes her a fine brand evangelist. Having garnered undistinguished experience at TBWA\, ELLE Magazine, Wizcraft & CNBC-TV18 her experience lies in multiple brands and properties including Google, HUL, Redbull, Bajaj Auto, Vodafone, Mahindra, Tata and IBLA, Overdrive Awards, IIFA Global Business Forum respectively. Neha is a self-proclaimed Jack of all Trades, not because she’s too fickle to decide what she wants to do, but because she wants to do everything.


We are in a polygamous relationship with our brands.

100+ Projects well done

There’s more to come.
But as usual Wife takes time to get ready. Come back when you're feeling lucky!

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