04 Jul

The West Of Westeros Could Be Right Here!

By Vatsal Sagar

Hello, so this is my first attempt at penning down something. I would like to discuss a few topics relating to career choices in the marketing domain, the place I have been born and brought up in and other matters of interest. Coming to the place dearest to me, yes, it’s none other than Mumbai, the city of dreams and the city that never sleeps. There are several ways to land yourself a good marketing job here but the major concern is to get a good workplace, less travel hassle and to find somewhere you truly enjoy working at. A place to learn, make most out of the opportunities and participate in activities rather than just working at the back end process of a typical 9-5 job. I hope this blog will be helpful to everyone reading as I will be sharing a few of my thoughts here.

I’ve just started my career with Wife: a brand management, marketing, communication and creative agency with a vibrant yet warm atmosphere. The people here are extremely supportive and are very creative in their thinking and work making it a fun learning experience for me at all times. As I come from a sales background, I was hired here for marketing and operations where I have to deal with different vendors and look after the end-to-end production work for various events, shoots etc.

One thing that I found common in both the profiles is the aspect of relationship building with our clients. The continuous follow up that comes along, like in sales you have to keep meeting people, build a rapport to sell your product. While in operations here we meet vendors and work on follow up to update ourselves and get the work done. You learn about the rates of different advertising material in bulk as that’s what our company has to deal with.

There are multiple benefits of working in this organisation that I have personally come across. It actually gets your brain working to think and apply strategies, plan for advertisements, activation events and other promotional activities. Being in a production team, one can expect responsibilities like getting end-to-end solutions during any ad shoot and other promotional activities.

Before the day of the shoot or event there are lots of things that need to be taken care of which would include the production budget, finding unique quality materials even in case of a budget constraint, negotiating with vendors and also searching for vendors who can provide good material at a reasonable cost. Your networking skills get polished as you get to meet new people every time for events. Networking is one crucial factor in today’s world as you never know who and what can help you at any given time. Strategizing concepts for clients, for their ads to branding each and every small thing helps in better understanding and attaining knowledge.

As the organisation itself is in its growth phase, it’s a great opportunity that you get to grow with it not only as a professional but also on an individual level. It has an interesting office space where one would enjoy working. What’s great is we also have a dedicated space where you can nap and relax when required.

To all reading this blog, interacting with new people and building relations is a key way to move ahead as it helps build your confidence and makes you more approachable. As a sales person, what I have learnt is that if you work professionally in a disciplined manner with using your brain smartly you will see success coming your way even in the least of possibilities. In the end it does not matter how much you sell but what actually does is the will to continue and not give up, which is essential. You need to keep putting your efforts which will eventually turn into earnings and rewards.pa. This is an example that all kinds of songs are being taken up by brands and advertisers. Since the song is groovy and widely heard it gained more traction.

Talking about the agency, it provides a complete package which includes content curation, films & AVs, brand building, marketing strategies, research and so much more. We have recently worked for Network 18’s CricketNext mobile app. It was an activation event meant to engage their employees and create awareness about CricketNext.

Further If we talk about the opportunities in Mumbai, there are plenty! You got to be talented, skilful, hardworking, ready to face and embrace everything that comes and lastly have faith in yourself to disrupt things in your own way and bring something better out of it. Mumbai will become your better half once you start engaging with people. The night life, work life and everything in between becomes a delight once you get the hang of living here.

The best way to search for jobs according to me would be either through references, joining different online portals and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. In all, no one can go without work here for a long time. Even if the person is not fairly qualified or with strong capabilities, he or she will still be able to get some kind of job. It won’t be that satisfying but will definitely be manageable for the start of a career. Hence be positive always because good things are coming for you!